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Planning a Wedding Shower

Even though I’ve been married for over eleven years, I still remember nearly every aspect of my wedding day. I also vividly remember the beautiful wedding shower my friends gave me. They prepared delicious foods, decorated the shower venue, and presented me with beautiful gifts. Are you currently planning a wedding shower for a friend or a family member? Planning such an event can be stressful, exciting, and rewarding. To make your bash a success, consider hiring a professional party planner. After providing your party planner with details about the bride, he or she can help you plan a memorable party the bride will never forget. On this blog, I hope you will discover the benefits of hiring a party planner to help you with wedding shower preparations. Enjoy!

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Planning A Large Christmas Party At Your Home? 3 Tips To Make It Perfect For Everyone

If you are planning to have a Christmas party, this can be a big undertaking, especially if there will be a lot of people there. Below are three tips to help you get started planning your party to help relieve some of your stress.

Table Centerpiece

To make the party feel festive you need to have the right decorations. Even if your house is already decorated, you may need to add more. One thing you should do is to create a centerpiece for the table. This could be something simple as putting an arrangement of Christmas flowers in a vase, putting some artificial evergreen around the vase and putting some pretty ornaments on the evergreen. To keep the ornaments from moving around, hot glue them around the evergreen. Add a spray of berry and plumbs around the vase.  This is a very inexpensive centerpiece and very easy to make.

Another simple centerpiece is a silver platter that you can buy at a local dollar store. Purchase two red candles and place them on either end of the platter. Hot glue things like evergreen, ornaments, candy canes, or whatever else you like around the candles and on the empty spaces on the platter. To make it look even more festive, add a few artificial flowers on the platter and place small twinkling lights around the centerpiece.


If you are serving a dinner to your guests, consider a buffet to make things much easier. There are a wide variety of food you can serve depending on what you and your family like. You could have a traditional dinner with a holiday ham along with the side dishes. If you are having a less formal dinner have a table filled with appetizers, small sandwiches, and of course Christmas cookies.

If there will be alcohol at the party, have everything set up on another table making sure there are enough glasses and alcohol for everyone. Choose a variety of alcohol for your guests.

Hire a Party Planner

Because you are having a large party, you should consider hiring a party planner if it is in your budget. They can do everything for you from decorating to hiring a caterer to make the food for you. The party planner can have a bartender at the party to serve alcohol to your guests. They can help you set a budget for your party and handle the invitations to the guests.

Talk with a few party planners in your area about your party and see what they can offer to you. If they are hiring a caterer, ask to taste the food so you know it will taste good for your guests. Tell the party planner the type of food you want.

You should now have a great Christmas party where everyone can have a good time. For assistance, talk to a professional like Rent-a-Prep.