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Planning a Wedding Shower

Even though I’ve been married for over eleven years, I still remember nearly every aspect of my wedding day. I also vividly remember the beautiful wedding shower my friends gave me. They prepared delicious foods, decorated the shower venue, and presented me with beautiful gifts. Are you currently planning a wedding shower for a friend or a family member? Planning such an event can be stressful, exciting, and rewarding. To make your bash a success, consider hiring a professional party planner. After providing your party planner with details about the bride, he or she can help you plan a memorable party the bride will never forget. On this blog, I hope you will discover the benefits of hiring a party planner to help you with wedding shower preparations. Enjoy!

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Host A Backyard Beach Party For Your Spouse's Birthday

If your spouse is an avid fan of visiting the beach and participating in activities such as surfing and drinking tropical drinks by the ocean, throw them a backyard birthday celebration that will be memorable and enjoyable for them and their family and friends by including the following activities to the festivities.

Set Up A Cabana To Serve Drinks And Appetizers

Secure a few wooden planks together with nails and a hammer to form a structure that contains a back and two side walls. Set up the cabana in one corner of the backyard. Drape a tarp or piece of canvas over the top of the cabana to provide it with shade. Place a couple tables and a bunch of chairs inside of the cabana for your spouse and guests to use.

Purchase a variety of beverages to serve to people and prepare some appetizers that your loved one likes. Play beach music on a portable radio nearby so that your spouse and each person who sits inside of the cabana can envision that they are in a real cabana at the beach.

Rent A Surfing Simulator

Contact a party planning business in order to rent a machine that simulates surfing. A surfing simulator has a makeshift surfboard secured to it that moves up and down and side to side as a trained operator adjusts the speed of the machine. Guests at the party can take turns competing against each other to determine who can stay on the board the longest.

If your spouse is a fairly accomplished surfer in real life, they may be inclined to show off their talents to family and friends while using the simulator. For added enjoyment, give away a small prize to the person who is able to stay on the board the longest during each round.

Prepare A Makeshift Beach 

Lay a large tarp across another part of your yard. Purchase several bags of sand and pour the contents of each one onto the tarp. Spread the sand out evenly and place real or artificial seashells in various parts of it. Line up some lounge chairs on top of the sand for everyone to use. Set up a volleyball net on one part of the tarp and a small pool on another section. Encourage your spouse and guests to mingle with others or enjoy themselves by dividing into teams to compete in a volleyball match or cooling down and relaxing inside of the pool.

For more birthday ideas, talk to a professional like Jump A Roos.